I Want To Be A. . .”Trader”

This YouTube video was shared by several of my FB friends. It makes you think. . . .

A Trader is. . . A Believer and Follower of Jesus Christ who. . .

  • Trades in the “Me, me, me” of the overblown American dream to daily pursue Christ
  • Is a new kind of missionary on mission, not dependent on where one lives
  • Realizes he/she must live out his/her faith, not just talk about it
  • Choose daily to sacrifice and be intentional with one’s time, money, and skills
  • Is like the Good Samaritan on the road of life who sees someone in need and chooses to help, following Jesus’ instructions.
  • Hates injustice and seeks to bring the hope of Jesus into desperate situations
  • Sees work as worship and everything he/she does as an opportunity to worship the God Who created us
  • Must act swiftly because the time is right now
  • Makes choices that are Kingdom-focused and not self-focused, because a short time on this earth can have an eternal impact.

Say what you will about Facebook, there are moments where I’m glad I’m paying attention. God dropped a “trader” opportunity into my lap today.

A group of my fellow high school classmates found out about another classmate’s extreme needs recently and decided to do something about it. His health is not good. . .and his house is falling in around him. He’s not had running water in over a year. . .

I’m not even close to the hometown where I grew up, so I’ll be sending these classmates a check to help the little bit I can.

Living and worshiping God in every moment of each day .  . the way Jesus wants us to. . .reaching out and meeting the needs of people. . . and knowing it will make a difference.

We are missionaries. . .we are traders of the temporal . . .for the eternal.

Lookin’ up,