Blogsite Redeaux, Part Two: Budget for a Paid Site

Today I’ll define some blogsite terms with which you may be unfamiliar. I’ll also outline what some designers charge for their services, so you can begin to get a reasonable blog redeaux budget firmly in mind.

Keep in mind: WordPress is THE platform of choice for those who want to blog about a product or service and/or want to build a long-term identity online. Blogger is a popular free-site choice but does not offer paid hosting that does.

1) KNOW THE JARGON – Here’s a generalized list of terms generated from Wikipedia and other internet sources:


  • Buying your own domain establishes your brand as your own. This can be as simple as “” or something similar and obviously makes it easier for your readers to find you via cyberspace.

Free (or self) hosting blog

  • Set up on a free site such as Blogger or Does not require a purchased domain (your name or or monthly hosting fees.

Paid hosting blog

  • Opposite to above, the most-frequently touted of which is Requires purchase of domain and monthly hosting fees.

Themes (General)

  • Nice designs and lay-outs, already coded in HTML for you.

Genesis Themes

  • The newest set of designs/lay-outs on If you are working with a web designer, the cost of this is usually covered in your initial payment for  your blogsite’s design.


  • Cool tools that “plug in” to enhance functionality of your site, way beyond anything “widgets” can do! has hundreds of these freebies to offer (you can add these yourself if versed in HTML or you can pay a designer to include these for you).


2) COUNT THE COST – I will break down what I spent on my own paid-site blog for you. I can’t guarantee my experience is typical but should be in the general ballpark of costs.

Domain purchase & Web hosting: I’ve paid $9.95 a month or about $119.40 for one year of hosting on Dream Host, which is but one of several companies that WordPress recommends. Dream Host also throws in a free .com, .org, .net, or .info domain registration for the life of your hosting. Which translates to a $9.95/yr value – included free with every DreamHost hosting plan. If you buy this elsewhere, expect to pay $18 to 25 a year for your domain name. [Read more...]