In the Wee Hours

In the wee hours, I lie awake.

Perfectly still, I’m aware of sounds a house makes after a day’s heating and cooling. . . Sills and door frames settle. . .  joists crack . . . floorboards creak . . .

For whatever reason, I can’t fall back to sleep. That’s when the Holy Spirit speaks softly to my heart.

Whomever He brings to mind, I pray for that person. Sometimes a person whose needs I don’t know is relayed. . . I pray even more fervently, because the Holy Spirit has His reasons. I’ve learned to be obedient, without questioning those things that make no earthly sense.

Snapshots of family, friends, acquaintances come before me . . . all souls that Jesus died for. How could I not do my small part and allow the God Who is Love, bless them through me?

My heart fills at God’s goodness. I sit awhile at His feet and ponder the exorbitant riches of His grace.

Then slowly, gently, He eases me into slumber and preparation of another day.

Psalm 3:5 says, “I lie down and sleep;  I wake again, because the LORD sustains me. ” Sleep is a blessing from God. Those night hours are some of the sweetest, when you’re resting in Your Savior’s arms.

Lookin’ up,