My Funny Valentine

We’ve been married 31 years, known each other a lot longer than that. I’d say I know my husband pretty well.

A card. And probably candy or flowers. That’s what I expected.

What did I get? A box of artisan chocolates (pretty to “ooh” and “ahh” at, before they’re scarfed down). And a card that plain made me laugh out loud. A big honkin’ purple fold-out design of a roller coaster, one that enthusiastically plays the “The 1812 Overture.”

Best of all, the message scribbled on it: “You and me . . . It’s the most fun I’ve ever had. . . I praise God He put you in the seat beside me . . . You make the ride worthwhile. Love, Al.”

I feel the same way, honey. . . there have been lots of ups and downs . . . but I’m so glad you’re there to squeeze my hand and reassure me when things get scary. I love you.

Lookin’ up,


A Sweet Month

Valentine’s Day, smack-dab in the middle of February, gives the second month of the year its romantic flavor. So it was an easy choice for me to choose a new blog theme. Love, in its many different forms, will be my overall theme for February.

Some upcoming posts. . . one guest blog from Ridgecrest Baptist Church’s Pam Vaughn, newly-engaged to senior pastor Dr. Marc Francis. . .one about sisterly love. . . .another about my husband Al and how God has blessed me many times over in my marriage. . .and a few other surprises.

So, come back often and visit, you hear?

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Many, many blessings to you during this month of love. . . .

Lookin’ up,