There’s More To This Life

Running, running, running.  And always managing to be behind.  Even though my days of diapers and day-to-day commuting are a thing of the past, there’s always an arm-long list in front of me, many of the items ministry-related.  Did I email so-and-so to ask about the bridal shower?  Did I call so-and-so and invite her child to the new children’s class I’m teaching?  Did I let so-and-so know I’ve been missing them a couple of weeks in choir?  I feel like I’m really making progress when I get a couple of things done and am empowered to charge onto my next to-do.  I often am validated by *the list* and can base my self-worth by what has or hasn’t been checked off on it.

And then I hear that still, small voice. . . My Father says Come and spend time with Me.  Wait a minute, Lord . . . I’m coming.  But can’t I whip up this batch of cookies for Awanas, or reword that paragraph I wrote yesterday, or write down the brilliant lesson plan for next week, first?

With a sweet tug of the Spirit, He calls to me.  I don’t want to be a check in your “Done That” column.  I want more.  Come away with Me, and let Me show you more.  And you know, He does, when I stop and obey His voice.  I find that He loves me.  He delights in me.  Imagine that–?  A Creator Who wants more than anything in the universe to love, and be loved?

Lord, I’m so sorry for not consistently making You my delight . . . not beginning my day with You.  You are so worthy, so much more worthy of any adoration and praise and time that I could ever offer.  Thank You for loving me anyway (!), and keep on reminding me that the sum of “what I do” does not ever make me me . . . . It is by Your grace alone I live.

Lookin’ up,
Ps. 19:1