The Packing Begins . . . .

HaitisuitcasePacking for Haiti, that is . . .  but let me back up a bit.

I know I’ve been out of pocket for a few weeks.  I gave myself permission to take a short blogging sabbatical while I concentrated on landing a new full-time job.

Big changes are a’comin’ –  the Lord gave me a job offer this week! One that will utilize my healthcare knowledge and, I think, be a great fit for me personally.  Everything I asked for in terms of salary and benefits were met, or exceeded . . . Only God could do something like that in today’s economy.

I still have 24 days until I start my job, though. This was a gracious concession by new employer that will allow me to journey to Haiti with my church mission group over Easter break.

Which brings me to Part Two of today’s blog . . .  the packing challenge has begun!  Only 13 days until we’re on the plane to Haiti!

Trying to squeeze in everything one needs for this trip requires a bit of finesse. Besides the usual work clothes (t-shirts and scrub pants) and necessities, there are other requisite items.

First, work-related supplies. Yes, Haiti has a hardware store that is affectionately called “Home Depot” by the old-timers. But what you find there is extremely expensive. So you bring your work stuff with you if you can.

I will be painting again (in Haiti, there’s “always something to paint!”), so disposable trays, rollers, brushes, garbage bags, and disposable gloves are going.

Secondly, I also have now embraced a gluten-free diet and will have to bring some food items. At Walls’ Guest House we are provided two wonderful meals a day (fresh fruits, some veggies, and main dishes). But for worksite lunches, we’re on our own.  Port Au Prince does have grocery stores (and surprisingly, fairly-well stocked by anyone’s standards), but GF foods will PROBABLY not be on the shelves.

The last wrinkle to consider: Two backpacks for the sponsor children I will get to visit! Inside are underwear and socks; school supplies; new clothes and flip-flops; and fun surprises, such as toys and candy.

That’s a lot to include, and the main reason I’m working on it now! What a difference a week makes—in the end, most of what we take is used or left behind. The old suitcase comes back with a few souvenirs and dirty ziplocked work duds, saved for the next trip there.

Would you consider praying now for the Ridgecrest Baptist Church Haiti team? We leave Thursday, March 28th and return a week later, April 4th. Pray that we may put a small dent in this country’s needs while we’re there, but most importantly we represent Jesus Christ and His love for all people.

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