Waiting . . .

clock2Waiting. That’s what we do a lot of, as humans. We wait for the mail . . . for a paycheck . . . for a bit of good news . . . for the next big event. A never-ending cycle.

Wait can be boring . . . or stagnating . . . or anxiety-producing . . . or sometimes painful.

I am in one of those present states of waiting. Waiting to hear the results of a job interview . . . waiting for the right time to replace a car that’s wobbling on its last tire . . . waiting to hear the fate of my short story, accepted into an anthology almost two years ago, but not yet materialized to the printed page . . . waiting to see how the new gluten-free diet is going to work out . . . well, you get the picture. I’m sure it’s the same litany of waiting on your side of reality, too.  We’re well-acquainted with the land of limbo.

God tells us to number our days . . . I think this is significant. If we number or count anything, it makes us more aware of the objects’ finiteness. It does have an ending. It forces the principal of stewardship into our thinking and makes us ask, “How will I use this resource wisely?”

Time is a finite resource.  Even in moments of waiting, we are to manage well the time we’re given. We do this by. . .  Resting in Him. Staying close to His Heart. Listening for His Voice. And yes, Changing courses when He says “Change.”

Someday when God takes us into heaven, infinity will be our new normal. Until then, we wait . . . through the opportunities/moments/challenges God engineers, knowing He will give us His supernatural grace to endure and yes, sail above the limitations.

I choose His grace today. I can’t speak of tomorrow, but in the midst of the wait, this is where I am today.

Where are you, in the midst of your wait?

Lookin’ up,


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