Exit Stage Right

I turned in my letter of resignation today to my employer of sixteen years.  Come January 2nd, I will be unemployed.

I’m a remote medical transcriptionist, which means I  transcribe clinic notes at home for the Duke University Health System. With the steady ongoing implementation of the  EMR (electronic medical record) at Duke, my job is scheduled for the chopping block in seven short months. With that deadline looming, it’s been prime time for me to take stock, rethink my priorities.

I’ve been busy in the meantime — applying for all sorts of jobs, trying to make a smooth transition to whatever God has for me. But with the present state of the economy and several other factors (my AGE, for one!), no one is exactly beating down my door to hire me. I’ve been actively searching and applying to jobs, every day for six months, with very little to show for it. In this economy, I may not have what it takes to move on somewhere else and find work. Cue Discouragement.

I won’t go into the details, but lately the job itself has left me miserable. Depleted. Totally without peace. Cue Major Discouragement.

Most people would say, “Don’t be foolish, Jean. In this economy, you just need to stick with whatever job you have and be thankful for the paycheck.”  I would usually agree, one-hundred percent.

But I also know that God sometimes puts us in a miserable spot, with NO PEACE, and turns up the heat in order to get us TO MOVE. And to move in THE RIGHT DIRECTION. I am, by nature, a PLANNER. In my heart of hearts I wanted to have a place to jump TO, before quitting my present job.That was the PLAN. But I’m finding God’s plan is different, and I’m trying to be obedient. This is an exercise in faith.

God’s made me this miserable for a reason, to take me somewhere else! He now has my full attention. Our Lord promises us the Arbitrator of Peace, the Holy Spirit, to rule our hearts and point the way — my total lack of peace is God’s indicator to me that it’s time to move on.

“And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful. (Colossians 3:15)

My new reality hasn’t sunk in. I’m gingerly feeling my way, trying to figure out where He wants me, and what it will take to GET THERE. Whether that means online classes, taking a break and concentrating on those things needing attention at home, or just writing more, I’m not sure.

For everyone out there who is unemployed, would you mind saying a prayer for them? A prayer for God’s peace to rule in their hearts. . . and for His wisdom to guide the way? I, for one, would certainly appreciate it . . .

Always lookin’ up,




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  1. Rhonda Michael says:

    I lost my job two years ago in February. It was such a scary, uncertain time. God has opened so many doors… not “paying” doors, mind you, but powerfully rewarding doors that I would have never approached if I had been gainfully employed. I’m praying for you as well as others in limbo. God has answers for us all and will lead us down the right path.

    Let’s have a lunch date when your freedom begins! :)

    • sislynstewart says:

      Rhonda, thanks for your encouraging words. God will supply all needs. . . and will show me what to do with myself! LOL.

      Lunch date’s going on the calendar!


  2. Debra Mangum says:

    When I was laid off in 2001…Denny and I had a major life adjustment. You learn to do with less and God provides. We are still amazed that we are ‘afloat’ because on paper it just shouldn’t add up! I pray every day for the unemployed, but also for the self employed. As a Realtor, I am self-employed….and every day that doesn’t bring me business is no $$ Also. So we should also remember all the self-employed that I think go unnoticed. I will continue to pray for a job to open up for you. Job hunting can be so tiring…don’t let it get you down!

    • sislynstewart says:

      Debra, your story about God’s provision (especially for us self-employed) is a great testimony! Thanks for the kind words from one who’s been there. God will certainly get us both (and all the others in limbo) where we’re supposed to be, and in His timing. Thanks most for the prayers and I’ll remember you, too, in mine.

      Lookin’ up,

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