Continuing. . . 1000 Gifts

This is a continuation of my own personal list of 1000 gifts, inspired by Ann Voskamp’s wonderful book by the same name.

(The best laid plans. . . this was supposed to post before I left to do Christmas shopping yesterday but alas, here it sits until now–)


106.  God gifting us with financial means to buy gifts

107. One of which is gas logs for our home, to be installed after Christmas. (Al’s and my Christmas gift to each other this year.)

108.  A  call yesterday scheduling another job interview for me in January — THANK YOU, LORD.

109.  But an open future, in His hands . . . for God to show me where he wants me!

110.  The stiff December breeze scurrying past my window . . . winter’s finally arrived!

111.  That has blown off most of residual fallen leaves in the front and back yards to the natural areas . . . score !

112.  Looking over a basketful of Christmas cards

113.  And other sweet expressions of love given to us (most involving lots of calories).

114.  The arrival of Daughter #1 from Charlotte this afternoon,

114.  For a whole entire week,

115.  With grandpugs Bogart and Penny in tow.

116. Checking the fridge for ingredients to make a broccoli-beef stir-fry this evening and they’re all there

117. Reading God’s Word and pausing to absorb the weight of the John, chapter 1–

118.  That Jesus is the Word, sent from the Father, just for us!

119. Looking back over this season, with feelings of accomplishment, and yet anticipating the future –

120.  And a whole Saturday set aside to enjoy my hubby and family! Priceless!


Lookin’ up,







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