A Week of. . . 1000 Gifts

Thanksgiving week. As everyone else, I have plenty of God-given blessings to be thankful for.  Here are a few from my week that made it to the continuation of “1000 Gift” list (as denoted in Ann Voskamp’s excellent book, 1000 Gifts).


91.  A surprise visit at Chik-Fil-A with my friend Dara Pernell, with whom I used to work. She lives in Graham and was in Durham for the day!

92. And a visit with Ms. Kat (Katherine), Dara’s adorable 3-year-old daughter

93.  Receiving a glowing letter of recommendation from one of my docs for whom I’ve worked for 13 years. It made me cry!

94. Getting another excellent letter of recommendation from another of my docs the same day

95. Finding the perfect set of gas logs for our fireplace, thanks to Chris, Mike, and Cindy Davis — Al’s and my Christmas gift to each other this year

96.  A church-wide Thanksgiving feast on Tuesday night with some of my most favorite people on earth

97.  A (half) slice of Kim Salmon’s wonderful from-scratch carrot cake at the church dinner. Just like my mama used to make!

98.  My sister-in-law Jackie arriving from Tennessee for a few days

99. Two good job leads within a few hours of each other. HOORAY!

100. The ritual of brining the Thanksgiving turkey, a new-found tradition for us Huffmans

101. Daughter Melanie arriving, with grand-pugs Bogart and Penny  in tow

102. Leaves scooped up out of the yards, front and back, and blown off porches–thanks several hours of work by Melanie and Al!

103. Housecleaning and scrubbing until everything shone–thanks to Audra!

104. Late Thanksgiving Day dinner, with eight of us under one roof. VERY THANKFUL. All my chicks home to roost, at least for one night!

105. Playing Apples to Apples around the dining room table and all of us getting soundly beat by Holly (son Casey’s girlfriend).


I pray you too had a memorable “thanks-living” holiday with your family! May Jesus be praised for His “indescribable gift”!

Lookin’ up,


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