More. . . . 1000 Gifts

Yesterday was one big gift — containing lots of little gifts.

I attended a memorial service for one of our Ridgecrest family members, Bobby Temple. Bobby had suffered complication after complication after recent heart valve surgery and finally went home to heaven on Sunday. It was a fitting tribute to him.

Then. . . an afternoon of running errands that had begun to pile up around me and a little bit of work at my computer.

After inhaling a quick supper, it was off to church—to Awanas and adult choir practice.


Reflecting on a full day, my heart was full of gifts. It was great to write them down!

46. Positive confirmation from the Holy Spirit on some things

47. Hug from Barbara, wife of Bobby, as I passed the assembled family. In her tremendous loss, she encourages me!

48. Uplifting music during the service – “Farther Along (trio) and “Midnight Cry” (Al)

49. Funny and wonderful memories of Bobby from Pastor Marc

50. Quick lunch from McDonald’s at Mamaw’s house (Al’s mom)

51. All errands checked off my to-do list but one!

52. At church later — sweet voices raised as children hide God’s Word in their hearts during Awana/ Truth and Training

53. Little faces determined to “get it”

54. Hearing one special-needs child pass off the first section in her book. YAY!!

55. Grooving with the kids to a “Books of the Bible” video

56. Cheering on the two T & T dodgeball teams during game time

57. Getting repeated waist hugs from my new 9-year-old friend, Alana

58. Practicing Christmas music with the choir – my favorite!

59. Sharing together in choir (and laughing about) funny snippets of Bobby Temple’s service

60. Praying for Barbara (part of our choir) and other requests before we dismissed


I’m praying you recognize and enjoy the gifts He so abundantly bestows to you—

Thank the Lord, for HE IS GOOD. ALL THE TIME.

Lookin’ up,



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