Looking for Beauty . . .1000 Gifts

How can I forget how gracious God is? Here are more of His gifts!

61. Big bowl of shiny tomatoes rescued before frost hits

62. New driveway movement-sensor lights. No more shin bumps!

63. Snuggling in the evening in thick booties

64. And comfy robe

65. Reading a good story before lights out

66. God’s working in people’s lives

67. Springing from recent ministry opportunities

68. Delicious anticipation of this weekend’s women’s conference

69. Packing a bag with warm clothes–

70. Sweaters!!

71. Jim Brickman hymns on Pandora

72. Yellow wristband, prompting me to pray–

73. For the state of our nation, that I fiercely love

74. And the spiritual hearts of those who inhabit it

75. That. . . they. . .  may. . . KNOW. . . YOU, LORD!!


Lookin’ up,



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