Lean In and Listen: WOF 2012

A group of us Ridgecrest ladies, 38 in all, attended the Women of Faith conference in Charlotte, NC, over the past weekend.  All in all, we had a delightful time and there were many highlights from the conference, sitting only seven rows from the stage. Here are a few I thought I’d share from two of the speakers–


“Proverbs says ‘It is better to live on a roof of a house in the searing sun in the wilderness than with a woman who is dripping complaints.’  Now that’s a very loose translation.”

“James says ‘Wisdom that is from above always comes through the sieve of the counsel of God’s Word. ‘Always test what you ‘hear’ against that standard and you’ll know where it came from.”

“The thing I criticize others for, I am usually guilty of this same thing.”

“Moses was a basket case, a bushwhacker, and a bench warmer, before God used him. But Moses LEANED IN and LISTENED at the burning bush, and things changed. God speaks through unexpected places through unexpected people.”


(Some of our favorite words from this dynamic Australian’s mouth were “awesome” and “chicks conference.” She took us to the 8th chapter of Exodus, to Pharoah’s response to Moses after the plague of frogs.)

“Pharaoh’s response to Moses’ question of when should God take away the frogs blows me away: Pharaoh said ‘Tomorrow.’ We all know God’s willing to get rid of the frogs, and He can get rid of the frogs. But Pharaoh says, ‘Come back and do it. . . TOMORROW.’”

“Very few of us dare to step into tomorrow. We’re ‘stuck in the moment.’ We live in a fallen world, where bad things happen to people. You must make a decision to deal with yesterday, then you can step into TOMORROW.”

“Every person can live in total freedom through Christ. . . but you must embrace the pain of the recovery.”

 Just a few snippets of what we heard–!

The praise and worship throughout the weekend was wonderful as well. Sandi Patty (who wears scary tall shoes, then slips into her glittery flip-flops). . . Mandisa (who looks wonderful and sounds even better). . . .and a special 3-woman team of praise leaders who led us in worship through many favorites. An extra treat happened on Friday night when comedienne Chonda Pierce spoke. As always, she brought the house down with her stories.

It was a refreshing, enjoyable time to get away, well worth the effort to make it happen. If you have the chance to go with your friends or church group when the WOF comes to a nearby town, GO. You’ll be glad you did! God will bless you!

Lookin’ up,





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