1000 Gifts – A Continuation

Have you paused to revel in the beauty of God’s world today?  Are you thankful for the gifts He’s given YOU?

31.  Morning light through trees

32.  Cool nip in air

33.  Smile upon my husband’s face

34.  Clock’s measured tick

35.  Comfort of dog’s body next to me

36.  Warmth of rag rug underfoot

37.  Piercing quality of truth in God’s Word

38.  Sweetness of praying over concerns with a friend

39.  Anticipation of a wedding celebration in this weekend

40.  Wrapping up the wedding gift with crisp new paper and bow

41.  Anticipation of a baby shower this weekend

40.  Softness of baby fabric against my cheek

42.  Visible signs You are working in my children’s lives

43.  Shiny new 2013 Psalms wall calendar

44. Neighbor’s homeschooled boys running down the hill in front of my house, taking a morning jog

45.  Holy Spirit’s whisper to GO and invite this family to our church’s Fall Festival . . . !


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