You Are Blessed!

One of my favorite Christian bloggers recently recommended a real find–it’s a book called One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. (I’ll give you a link for a free download her first chapter below–)

This book is Ann’s story, and what a testimony it is! A tragic early remembrance shaped her life and attitude toward God for a very long time. She says she listened to Satan’s lies that whispered, that have whispered since the garden of Eden, that “God is not good.” All the bad things that happen in the world are because God is not good. How can you trust a God who is NOT GOOD?

Even we long-time, baptized, dyed-in-the-wool Christians can bend our ear to this lie. . . . and doubt God. That’s why this book is so. . . needed. It’s honest and fresh and beautifully written. A jewel of a book.

I encourage you to read 1000 Gifts for yourself, borrow one from a friend, get it from the library, download it on your Kindle (only $3.99).

But don’t take my word for it. . .  here the link I promised:

One Thousand Gifts has begun a national movement of sorts, to chronicle the gifts God gives us. Each believer, shaking their fist in the evil one’s face, and saying, “God is good! And this is proof of it!” There are a multitude of bloggers doing this, there’s even an app for you to register your blessings! An app–pretty cool!

 And in honor of Ann’s book, I am starting my own list of 1000 Gifts that I will run on Thursday/Fridays. Feel free to add your own listing of current gifts in the comments section!

1. Waking up this morning

2. After a great night’s sleep

3. A sunshine-filled fall day outside

4. My perfectly-toasted English muffin with cream cheese spread

5.  A great cup of coffee

6. God’s Word where I read this morning, specifically II Corinthians 8: 1-24

7. The privilege of praying for family and friends

8. My job and the money it provides my family

9. The delight of connectedness, through Facebook

10. My friend, Robin, on her birthday today!

11. The mail, which brought me two books I ordered

12. The excitement of learning new things, a new online course I’m participating in on Thursday nights

13. The mere act of writing and creating

14.  A feeling of accomplishment when something is done

15. Realization that I have SO MANY more gifts from God. . . and they are all good.


What are five gifts of which God’s made you aware today?


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  1. Bonnie Hannah says:

    1. The crisp coolness in the air
    2. The touch of the Master’s hand as the leaves begin to turn colors
    3. God’s hand on my life.
    4. Christian friends
    5. Our ability to share God’s word throughout the world on the internet

    • sislynstewart says:


      Love your list of gifts! I encourage you to continue your list, every day, and add to it those little things God brings your way. MANY BLESSINGS!


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