Teach Them to Follow Jesus Without Leaving the Church



This young man, Caleb Breakey, has a heart for those young people in our church who are disillusioned with the church, the Bride of Christ, and leaving it in droves.

You may be saying, But what can I do?

You can do your part, as God leads you. As the video above states, Caleb has written a book and has a planned video project aimed at the group of young people aged 20-30,  called the Millennials. This film will lovingly and strongly exhort them to love Jesus and STAY IN THE CHURCH. He plans to show it nationwide, far and near, wherever he can get a young audience to watch it.

All three of my children fall in the Millennial age category. One child, in particular, doesn’t darken the door of the church that often because he sees the institution as “old-fashioned” and even worse, “irrelevant” to him. He doesn’t see the inherent danger of trying to go it alone. Him, plus thousands, millions of other young believers in Christ, don’t get it.

Yes, this is a fundraiser for Caleb’s project. And yes, I don’t usually make appeals like this.

But I listened, really listened, to this young man, and I have to say, my heart was touched.

Let’s encourage the young people to stay within in the flock. To stay, and make the church all she can be, through God’s grace.

Won’t you please contribute, even a little bit? Click on the link below.

Caleb Breakey is the author of two forthcoming books with Harvest House Publishers, and is currently raising pledges to create a DVD Series about “Following Jesus Without Leaving the Church.” If you are interested in his project, please check out his Kickstarter.com page below. As of this posting, he’s raised $7,659 of the needed $9,000 to create the DVD Series.



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