School’s In!

With autumn’s snap and vibrant colors comes the beginning of other things . . . a  new school year, new church ministries, new seasons of life.

I do miss it! The notebooks and pens. The crayons and bookbags. The new shoes and clothes. Always an elementary teacher at heart, I dearly love September and its trimmings–the colors, the textures, the smells of it all. (I know, a little weird.)

I no longer have little (or big) ones in school. But within church life, ministry opportunities are getting cranked up and I get the same kind of goose-pimply feelings! It’s the same for most churches — September is a busy, busy month!

Last Wednesday, we had our Awana’s Kick-Off. We average 130 children each Wednesday night in this ministry. It’s an awesome opportunity to help the children memorize God’s Word and keep it in their heart. (Pam Bowen Green and I were busy filling orders for new Awana’s shirts and books that night.)


In addition, our church is a little old-fashioned in that it still has Sunday School classes instead of small groups. My newest Discovery Class begins next Sunday and is designed for children pondering salvation and those who’ve already taken this important step. We treat these (and ALL children) as precious little flowers that must be handled with the utmost care.  They are never railroaded or pushed beyond their understanding and God’s timing. Time and time again, it’s been proven–if a child does not have a good foundation in biblical truths, he/she will grow up to be an adult who’s confused about these concepts as well. SO IMPORTANT!

Here at Ridgecrest, we’ve also begun the adventure of re-tooling our Women’s Ministry in several ways. Personally, I’ve always been drawn to Titus-2 spiritual mentoring/disciplining among ladies of different ages, and the Lord seems to be leading us to explore this option in the future.

And in our choirs, we begin Christmas (yes, Christmas!) music, thinking ahead to our big Christmas program in December. Whew! Lots of new ways to serve. . . and allow the Lord to use us.

Do you get excited about the opportunities the Lord presents this time of year? Have you seen His hand pointing you to certain ministries?

Lord, may You be the center of everything done, every desire in our hearts, every program implemented. Without You in the midst, it becomes merely busy-ness!  May You receive all the glory and honor! We give You the praise for what will be accomplished . . . .

Lookin’ up,