1000 Gifts ~ #16 through 30

This is a continuation of my list of 1000 Gifts, something Ann Voskamp with her book One Thousand Gifts has inspired me to do also. . .to see God in the minute blessings of every day that usually roll right past me, usually without a word of thanks to their Giver for their incredible beauty.

I SO want the Holy Spirit to change me. . .   I SO want to live “in the moment”. . . and appreciate the intrinsic beauty in each and every gift my amazing Heavenly Father gives!

If you haven’t already, please read Ann’s book, One Thousand Gifts, and start your own “1000 Gifts” list. It will be a meaningful spiritual sojourn, I guarantee you. I’ve barely begun, but this new heart of thankfulness has humbled me and hungered me more. . . for this One Who Loves Us So.

This post comes after a several-day car trip  with my parents for my uncle’s funeral. My uncle fought a long battle with illness, and his body was laid to rest in the old family cemetery in Vaiden, Mississippi. One unwritten praise–my sweet mother, who was lying flat in a hospital bed after hip surgery when I last saw her–was walking upright! She walks with a cane now, and even though she’s  under her own steam, she seems much frailer. . . and less like the determined,strong woman I’ve known all these years. Daddy too has his health issues and cannot see well enough to drive long distances. So my baby sister Nancy chauffeured my parents and niece there, and Al and I followed behind.

God gave me so many “jewels” from this trip, I probably could have listed a whole 1000 items from it alone. A few made it to the written list below:


16. Four days in the company of my parents, sister, and niece, whom I don’t see nearly often enough

17. My daddy’s throaty laugh

18. Eulogy of a life well-lived (my uncle) and most importantly, who’s now in heaven!

19. Gaping two-tooth grin of a 5-year-old second cousin

20. Yummy goodness of skillet-fried sweet corn served at the Vaiden Baptist Church (and everything else we ate!)

21. Rusty-red, chalky dust of country roads, same as my childhood memories

22. Discovery of the clapboard Methodist church where my mother gave her heart to Jesus

23. A shy reuniting of cousins who haven’t seen each other in years


24. Massive oak tree under which my mother, her siblings, and friends played, still standing!

25.  The sandy clearing where their two-room elementary schoolhouse once stood

26. Vaiden High School, where Mom graduated valedictorian at the age of 16

27.A white marble moon rising in the evening sky

28. The blue and gray mountain layers of North Carolina on the horizon

29. Cathedral mountain walls, cloaked in night shade, as we drive home

30. Music of the heart that swells and overflows with God’s wonders


I’ll write more down in the weeks ahead–

What are you thankful for?

Lookin up,







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