Nourishing Ourselves First

A good friend has allowed us the use of her beach house in Emerald Isle, NC, for a few days, and Al and I are taking advantage of it. It’s been a great chance to get unplugged from the stresses of life and ministry.

I’ve started reading a new book, Linx: Women Connecting With Women. In it, author Verna Birkey said something that really struck a chord with me:  “It is NOT selfish to pay attention to your own needs. In fact, it is your responsibility to keep yourself as fit as you can so that you can serve [God] better and longer.”

This advice is so OPPOSITE of what we as women often do.

It’s similar to the standard pre-flight scenario we see every time we buckle the seatbelt on a plane. You know the one — the stewardess loops an oxygen mask around her head, demonstrates how to use it, then instructs, “For the safety of your children, please secure your own oxygen mask FIRST, then help your child with his/her mask.”

The wisdom underlying this series of actions is immediately apparent: If you pass out from lack of oxygen/nourishment trying to care for others around you, who will take care of you?

It is MORE thoughtless to continue serving others,when your body is unhealthy from ignored needs. The Lord tells me: I need to pay attention to nourishing myself properly first, then I can nourish others. This applies to my flesh-and-blood family, my church family, the worldwide family of humanity.

The Holy Spirit has spoken to me about certain areas where I need nourishment. . . .in order to continue being fit enough for God to use me.

**Please leave a comment below. Do you, as you a modern woman, ever struggle with this issue? What ways have you found to nourish yourself?

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