In the Wee Hours

In the wee hours, I lie awake.

Perfectly still, I’m aware of sounds a house makes after a day’s heating and cooling. . . Sills and door frames settle. . .  joists crack . . . floorboards creak . . .

For whatever reason, I can’t fall back to sleep. That’s when the Holy Spirit speaks softly to my heart.

Whomever He brings to mind, I pray for that person. Sometimes a person whose needs I don’t know is relayed. . . I pray even more fervently, because the Holy Spirit has His reasons. I’ve learned to be obedient, without questioning those things that make no earthly sense.

Snapshots of family, friends, acquaintances come before me . . . all souls that Jesus died for. How could I not do my small part and allow the God Who is Love, bless them through me?

My heart fills at God’s goodness. I sit awhile at His feet and ponder the exorbitant riches of His grace.

Then slowly, gently, He eases me into slumber and preparation of another day.

Psalm 3:5 says, “I lie down and sleep;  I wake again, because the LORD sustains me. ” Sleep is a blessing from God. Those night hours are some of the sweetest, when you’re resting in Your Savior’s arms.

Lookin’ up,






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  1. Hi There, Found you through Rachelle Gardner. I love what you do with your “wake in the middle of the night” time. I have been having trouble sleeping as long as I’d like to. I enjoy my sleep, so this is a bit of a bummer…and with so much to do each day, I “worry” that I won’t function well with less sleep. I am going to follow your lead and just allow the Lord in these early morning times to prompt me to pray for whomever needs it. And then trust that if I fall back to sleep, great, and if not, well the Lord sustains me. Thanks for a tip that mixes the practical and the spiritual. Blessings!

    • sislynstewart says:


      So glad to hear from you! And I visited your site. . . you love to write about the “stories” in people’s lives, to the glory of God. I do too. . . .we as believers can gain so much blessing from each others’ journeys! I especially liked your last post, about your daughter. I, too, have two grown-up daughters, with whom I seem to communicate in the same manner sometimes–and the Holy Spirit has to quickly remind me of my words, my tone. As an “almost empty-nester,” I seem to eat/apologize for a lot of words I say lately!

      I signed up to follow your blog. . . keep sharing those stories of the faith and hope we have in Jesus! May God bless you richly!

      Lookin’ up,

      • So nice to hear from you Jean/Sislyn! I so agree…we have so much to learn from sharing our journeys. And with that in mind, I am launching a new website,–Where Faith, Life, and Community Intersect. It will be a site created to foster community among Christian women of diverse backgrounds and faith traditions (another treasure worth sharing) through blogs, articles, stories, reviews, and information about Christian events, concerts, retreats, etc. We launch September 21…and I’d love you to come take a look. You could like us on Facebook, where we’ll be posting the latest info as it comes. I’d also love it if you would be one of our guest bloggers. Would you be interested? Many Blessings, Elise

        • Sure, Elise! Sounds wonderful! I’ll check it out and would love to contribute as a guest blogger. Let me know any more specifics. I’ll look for you on Facebook!

          Lookin’ up,

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