I am part of a 21-member team who are serving in Medford, Massachusetts, this week as “friends of the Redemption Hill Church.”  This the second year in a row we have made the journey to Boston.

Like ripples across water, God works in mysterious and often surprising ways! Jon Chasteen, co-pastor of Redemption Hill Church in Medford, Massachusetts, told us a story of God’s favor that came in direct result of God blessing our group’s efforts of cleaning Medford parks last year.

This spring Redemption Hill Church wanted to sponsor  a Medford-area Easter Egg Hunt. This would be an event that would not only increase their presence in the community but help the church get to know many of the families. Jon and Tanner (another pastor of Redemption Hill) were scheduled to plead their case and get approval for the Egg Hunt before the Medford City Council.

They showed up on the appropriate scheduled day.  Down at the front of the room was a man named Mike Nester. Mike Nester is Director of the Medford Parks and Recreation Department.

Mike got to know Jon and Tanner because of an impression made from a mission project last summer. That’s when four neighborhood parks had been overwhelmingly cleaned, painted, repaired, and spiffed up by a group from Durham, NC, who pitched in at the invitation of Redemption Hill Church.

Fast forward. It was now time for Jon and Tanner to ask permission from the powers-that-be to use one of the larger Medford parks for the Egg Hunt.

The Council debated the event’s merits back and forth. Remember, this is an area of the country known for priding itself on its acceptance of all religious beliefs. The Medford city government supporting a decidely Christian event might not be received well.

That’s when Mike Nester spoke up and in so many words said, “I want you to know this is the same group of people who cleaned up EIGHT parks last summer for us and did a bang-up job. I say let them have their event.”

It was approved. Redemption Hill had their Easter Egg Hunt and made personal contact with many more families in the community, thanks to the ripple effect of God’s blessing.

You never know how what you’re doing for the Lord today will affect God’s blessings tomorrow, next month, next year! Thank You, Father, for giving us this glimpse of how You’re moving. . . we are humbled and in awe of You, Lord.


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