At the dance I waited

Where those of us less favored–

With what the world would consider as the ideal package–

Sat.  In a metal folding chair

Against the wall,  far away from the inner circle of light and music–

Feeling some dread.

What if no one notices?

Staring at scuffed shoes.

Why did I come?

Yet smelling flowers in the air.

All the while, wishing and hoping–hoping so badly.


I sat.


For Life

To Begin.


Then You,

The memory still takes my breath–

You parted the crowd,

You asked me to dance.

I said, Yes!

You held out Your hand.

We took the floor.


All these years later and I wonder sometimes, Lord,

Why me–Why me–

When you could have had your pick of anyone else for Your own?

You must have seen something there–

Something You wanted for Your Kingdom.

Past the foolish imperfections and unpolished schoolgirl ways–

You wanted me.


Now I move through a world filled with music,

One lit by the splendor of Your love.

No longer do I stay hidden in shadows

But thrive in the abundant riches of Your grace.

And I will always, always

Be enthralled and humbled

By Your simple invitation

To join You.


No longer waiting for the world to see

The girl in the corner.

The Dance of a lifetime

Has begun.

I’m so glad You chose the least deserving

When You picked

Me. :)


Lookin’ up,



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  1. Julie Pollitt says:

    Love this post. So beautiful!

  2. Whenever I’m watching a touching movie and my eyes begin to water, my husband says to my daughter, “Mom’s wellin’ again.” Well … I’m wellin’!!!

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