Blogsite Redeaux, Part One: First Steps

Several of you have asked what insights I have about the process of upgrading from free site ( to a Genesis-framework self-hosted site. ( This is first in a series that will hopefully help you avoid many possible pitfalls.


1)  TEST DRIVE OTHER SITES FIRST – This is an important first step. You first have to know what’s out there and what it is you like!

Look at lots and lots of different kinds of sites (the good, bad, and great). Make a running list of the sites that appeal to you and analyze exactly WHY they do.

Is it the color scheme something that appeals to you? What do you think about the fonts used? Is it easy to navigate? Could the layout work for your blog? Are the widgets or plug-ins something you’d like to see on yours? Who are the specific designers of any blogs you find attractive (usually listed at the bottom of the blog)?

Tip: If you are a female blogger, take a look at the sites being pinned on for ideas of what commands a female reader’s attention.


2) NARROW DOWN CHOICES FOR A PROSPECTIVE DESIGNER – Besides the list of designers you’ve been adding to, look for online lists of web/blog designers.

One general site that might be helpful:

Caveat: Don’t automatically assume these designers are reputable because they’re included on a list. Many times they pay to advertise on an online directory. Do your homework!

On his/her professional website, is the designer forthcoming about what services he/she provides and the charges for these services? Are you getting a sense of what kind of monetary and time budgets you will need?  Does he/she provide a portfolio of recent projects that might be similar to your envisioned site? Is there any way to contact his/her former clients to chat about their experience?

Next week, I’ll talk about budgeting for your blog.

Lookin’ up,


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