Coming Soon. . . .

I will be moving into my newly-designed blogsite soon; the reins have finally been turned  over to me.

But the new place needs all the furniture hauled over (old posts) and some of the new appliances are not working quite right–the widgets have yet to be “tweaked.”

But overall, the blogsite is cleaner and less cluttered than this old one, with some great additional features. My new site is warm and homey, and I hope invites you to come in, sit down, and wander around a bit. . . .

My month-long theme for April is the Body of Christ, locally and abroad. I have a great blogpost from Betsy Vaughan that I’ll air this Friday. She’s had several chances to go to Kenya and minister there with her church. . . .I think you’ll get a wonderful blessing from what she has to share!

3 DAYS until my own mission adventure with our church group to Haiti. . .There are 27 of us going, flying out to Miami, then out to Port-au-Prince on Saturday morning the 7th. We’ll return the next Saturday the 14th. Although there is spotty internet service in the evenings where we are staying, I can’t promise a post until I return home. . .

That said, I have a couple of personal prayer requests for you to carry to the Father for me:

  • I’ve had vertigo problems lately and am concerned that even with the preemptive measures I’m taking, the plane ride over might “stir the pot”—please pray that this is not a problem.
  • Along the same lines, if you would pray that my digestive system stays functioning properly—I’d appreciate it!
  • That I reflect the Lord Jesus and truly am a flexible servant, focused on Him and what He wants me to do–
  • I pray I get to meet my sponsor child, Pierre, and give him his goodies in person. If this happens, there will be plenty of pictures to come!

May the Lord bless you greatly, my brothers and sisters.  He is worthy to be praised!


Lookin’ up,


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