Where Does It All Begin?

Where does it all begin–

That moment when we understand salvation?

Where do we get the idea, of Who He is, and who we are?

And when do we first see Him–

As more than mystery or imagination?

When do we see that He knows us by our first name,

Who shows us?

(“Where Does It All Begin,” Karla Worley, 1989)

I’ve been teaching the Discovery Class at Ridgecrest Baptist Church now for 16 years. It is a Sunday School class for elementary-school age children who have either accepted Christ as their Savior, or who are in the process of learning about it. We also study some very cool subjects such as what is the church, what baptism means, what the Lord’s Supper means, what is prayer, etc.

The Discovery Class is not a confirmation class. It is NOT a ten-week class to get everyone “saved and baptized.” It is a doctrine class, giving a good grounding in what God’s Word has to say about some sticky subjects. The parents and I are in partnership to see their children come to a better understanding of the things of God.

During our weeks together, if a child feels the tug of the Holy Spirit to make a commitment to Jesus, that’s wonderful. Although we would LOVE to see every child praying to receive Christ, it’s also worthwhile if all that happens is that the children ask lots of questions and gain a better understanding of the process.

Each child is given a neat Discovery Journal in which to collect dates, places, and events, and photographs. Neatest of all, there are several pages for them to journal in their testimony, their personalized story of how and when they came to know Jesus as their “Forever Friend.”

It’s best to go nice and slow with children . . . because they are quite impressionable . . . and very much want to please the adults in their life. They’re like tender flowers whom you have to be oh-so-careful with, until that time the Holy Spirit calls them to Himself.

True story: Last Sunday at the end of class, one of my four girls piped up, “By the way, Ms. Jean, I prayed to ask Jesus to forgive me of my sins this week.” I was so ecstatic she’d taken this step of faith on her own, without any outside pressure. She just knew in her heart, it was the right time.

I visited with this girl’s family last night so I could encourage her as a new Christian. She was reminded to jot details of her story down in her Discovery Journal and then include it in her Bible, too.

Oh, the potential of a young life for Jesus! This young lady has a whole life ahead to love Jesus, grow in relationship with Him, and let Him guide her through the milestones (and the potholes!) she will surely face.

It’s a thrill (and privilege) for me, every time it happens. . .

Lookin’ up,


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