What Is Your Child Reading?

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Many books, once deemed only appropriate for adults, are directly being marketed toward the younger set. The bar is being lowered further and further all the time. For example the book to the left, Hunger Games, is all the rage now. Its stated target audience is “kids ages 13 and up.” This age range reflects readability, however, and not necessarily content appropriateness.

Blockbuster series or standalones may be heralded for their tackling of sensitive issues and their dark themes. Not always, but in many cases there is beautiful, gripping writing within the covers of such books.

The problem comes with an increase in social connectivity. In a world where an adult will read a blurb and choose a book based on content, children are much more swayed by pop culture and what is perceived as “cool” reading. They will be eager to pick up a book if it touted in the media, even though the parents and child may be unaware of the less-than-desirable content.

Therein lies a believing parent’s struggle. How do you keep your child reading, something/anything, yet make sure it supports a Christian worldview?

A blog co-written by my fellow American Christian Fiction Writers member, Nancy Hird, combats this problem (http://nancyellenhird.wordpress.com). The blog, Books 4 Christian Kids, features books “to help children and teens in their walk with God.”  Every few days, anything from a picture book to young adult book to magazine  is reviewed, one felt to be in keeping with Christian values. Nancy has been a book reviewer for Focus on the Family for years and is well-qualified to write about this subject.

On her blog, Nancy also lists a prominent link back to Focus on the Family ( http://www.focusonthefamily.com/parenting/protecting_your_family/book_reviews_for_parents.aspx) for even more information and discussion guides about specific books. Focus has a very nice alphabetical search feature where you can read previously-published reviews on specific books.

If you want to guide your young people into better reading choices, take the time to check these resources out. You’ll be glad you did. . .

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