Mrs. Zebedee Got It Right

You may remember Mrs. Zebedee–she was the mother of Jesus’ disciples John and James.

Mrs. Zebedee, in her zealousness for her children, sometimes gets a bad rap.

In Matthew 20, she came to Jesus, asking special consideration for her sons.  She made no bones about it! She wanted the special places on Jesus’ right and left to be given to John and James, to rule alongside Jesus in His future kingdom.

In light of this Jewish mother’s request, the other disciples were recorded as being “indignant.”  Although Jesus did tell Mrs. Zebedee that she didn’t know what she was asking for, I can so relate to this woman.

I see her as a mother who only wanted the best for her kids and went about directly approaching God about it. She was bold; she was forthcoming. I don’t want to ever be accused of never asking for the best for my very own!

It’s been my privilege, my directive, to pray for my three children, now 21, 24, and 27.  Besides asking the Lord to secure their salvation, I’ve prayed over all aspects of their day-to-day needs.

And although they’re grown up now, surprisingly I find I spend even more time now praying specifically for them than I did when they were younger. It’s been an ongoing journey of discovery. . .

As I said before, the MOST important thing you can do for your children’s spiritual welfare is to grow in your own deep personal relationship with Jesus. Seek to grow ever closer to Him through worship, confession, and thanksgiving. Live obediently and joyfully before the Lord. That’s the BIGGEST favor you can do for your children! (And yourself!)

There are great lists all over the internet to help you begin praying for your child, no matter their age. Here I’ve listed a link to D6 Curriculum’s excellent the “31 Ways to Pray for Your Child,” a list very similar to one I’ve used with my children. Just be sure to use the PDF link for a downloadable and printable list.

(Sorry, you’ll have to cut and paste this one into your browser bar for now:)

Don’t fret if you’ve not been consistent in this practice of prayer before; just get started and ask God for His grace to enable you.

Another point:  please see the list above or similar ones only as a starting place. Ask the Holy Spirit to search your child, and in His all-knowing wisdom He will reveal specific other things to pray for your child. (Especially important when they reach those teenage years and you can’t always know what’s going on .  .  .  He always does!)

May the Lord bless your prayer sojourn .  .  . may He grant wisdom where it is needed to understand. . .and may you see God’s abundant answers to your specific prayers .  .  . as your children grow to love the Lord with all their hearts and lives.

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