March: Children Are Blessings

No matter where you are in life’s timeline regarding children (dreaming of future children, caring for young children, steering teenage children, releasing young adult children into the world, or enjoying your grandchildren), there will be something for everybody on “From the Church House” this month.

Three very special guest bloggers will be sharing their thoughts on children. . .there will be some thoughts on praying for your children (no matter what their age). . .and some shared thoughts on the various stages of being a parent. . . . (does it ever REALLY end?)

My own new baby, the reveal of my new blog site, should be arriving shortly. . .and I may share a bit about the design aspect.

So pull up a chair, be sure to visit regularly! (Or you can opt to receive email posts soon as they are published, by signing up in the box above, to the right.)

As always, may our Lord Jesus Christ be praised and worshiped, for He is worthy to be praised—great things He has done!

Lookin’ up,


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