A Teaching Moment: Guest Blog by Kelly Fuller Good

Kelly is one of those people who lights a room with her smile. She’s in the midst of that exciting season of her life devoted to her husband and young children. I’ve seen her in action and she is, as her mother Joyce Fuller likes to say, “a good momma.” In addition to her busy family schedule,she somehow finds time to run her own portrait photography business–(be sure to check our her website in her bio, below). Welcome today, Kelly!

When my oldest child started kindergarten last July (he attends a year-round school), I couldn’t wait to sign up to be the “Room Mom!” While this immediately gave me many additional responsibilities, it also insured that I would get to have a closer relationship with Avery’s teachers and classmates while I spent time with my son on his field trips and as I volunteered in the classroom.  I didn’t realize that through this experience, I would be introduced to a side of my son’s personality that I had hardly ever seen and learn a valuable lesson.

While at school, Avery became a very mature little six year old.  He was eager to please his teachers and follow directions.  He was extremely respectful to authority and looked for opportunities to be kind to his new friends.  He helped explain assignments to his classmates and excelled academically.  His desk and class work was so neat and organized.   In fact, last week, his teacher told me how much she enjoyed having him in her class because he was  “such a model student and always doing exactly what he has been asked to do”.

Seriously?  Was she referring to the same little boy that disrespected and yelled at me just that morning when I simply told him it was time to put on his shoes?   Was this the boy that constantly antagonized his little sister and even pushed her because she wasn’t walking out the door fast enough?. . . The boy whined and complained about his breakfast . . .who had Legos, books, and cars scattered all over his bedroom floor?  I wanted to laugh out loud and tell her about the “other side” of Avery, but instead, I just smiled and thanked her for the compliment because I was proud that he was at least able to behave in front of others, even if he didn’t always show me his best side!

On the drive home from school, I kept hearing the compliment from Avery’s teacher in my mind.  He knew right from wrong, and he was able to control his behavior at school . . .So, why wouldn’t he do that for me?  I am his mother; I love him unconditionally; I make so many sacrifices for him, yet he often treats me worse than he treats people that hardly know him.  I felt hurt and disappointed.

Then I realized the irony of the situation!  I am God’s child; He loves me so much that he sent his Son to die for me and gave me eternal life, yet I hurt Him daily when I sin.  In 2 Timothy 4:1-5, we learn that God commanded us to tell others about the gospel, yet I allow my fears of being rejected and feeling uncomfortable stop me from witnessing to family and friends.   How must this make God feel?   It would hurt him less if I literally slapped Him in the face.   I do a good job letting others see my “good side”, but in fact, I am a hypocrite because I still struggle in so many ways with sin.  What good is it to only “let others see Jesus through my actions” if I never come out and verbally share the gospel with them?  ON A SIDE NOTE:  I admit that I have many additional areas in my life where I sin every day; this is merely one area that I have been convicted of most recently.  The truth is, if we allow ourselves to be honest, we will not have to look far before we find areas in our life where we disappoint God, our Father.

I used this experience in my life as a teaching opportunity to explain God’s love and God’s forgiveness to my son.  I also thanked God for what I learned through this experience and for giving me a peace in knowing that He forgives me every time that I disappoint him.  I Praise The Lord for giving me these children to keep me humble!   Please know I have just spent time in prayer that those who read this blog today will be blessed from this simple reminder.  May you take a moment to praise God for loving you unconditionally and for showing you ways in which you can learn from your children as you strive to be a Godly Daughter of Son of The King.

BIO:  I am Kelly Fuller Good, wife to Brian Good for 8.5 years, and mother to William Avery (6) and Lilly Faith (3), and live in Durham, NC.  I have a Bachelor’s degree from UNC-Charlotte in Special Education, but am currently serving my family as wife and mother.  I am owner of Kelly Good Photography (http://kellygoodphotography.blogspot.com) specializing in Child and Family Lifestyle Portraiture and an active member at The Summit Church.  Many of you will remember me as the youngest daughter of Joyce and Bill Fuller who have been members of Ridgecrest Baptist Church for 30 years.

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