My Blog’s New Look

Looks like I’ll get getting the keys to my new blog site tossed to me in the next day or so! I’ve been so hepped up, I didn’t sleep much last night. I may do a future post on the whole interesting process itself . . .

However,my new blog’s inaugural post will come from Ridgecrest Church’s own Pam Vaughan, fiancee of Senior Pastor, Dr. Marc Francis. She writes about contentment and watching God provide for her, as only our Heavenly Father can do. You don’t want to miss it!

Family of God, may you see and feel the Lord’s abundant love and care for you today!

Lookin’ up,


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  1. Oh! Can’t wait! I’m playing with mine, but only with templates right now. Not quite sure how to change to a whole new site, etc…that’ll come. I think you should definitely blog on it! I’d love to hear the process:)

  2. Susan, I’ll try to write and post this soon. . .hope it helps you somehow. Hope your writing is going well!

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