Why Can’t Our Mondays Look Like Our Fridays?

John Piper, noted Bible scholar and pastor, comments about a curious cultural phenomenon, the T.G.I.F. mentality, in his message, “A Precious Promise: The Outpouring of God’s Spirit.”   (Go to Piper’s website for entire printed message and recording: http://www.desiringgod.org/resource-library/sermons/a-precious-promise-the-outpouring-of-gods-spirit)

Piper relates how the T.G.I.F. response occurs. It happens to us after a long, imperfect work week, where things hardly ever go according to plan. We look forward to the weekend, when we get the psychological and emotional boost of something enjoyable ahead, without the burden of the “other stuff” that constantly drags us down. Mondays are bad. Fridays are good.

This change in attitude can be felt and seen. On Fridays, we’re nicer . . . we’re more patient . . . more giving, all because Friday’s here! (Or perhaps it’s a birthday . . .  or a vacation . . . or Christmas . . . or anything else you’ve anticipated for a while–you fill in the blank.)

Think about it. We have the HOPE, the assurance, that something good is coming . . .  of something delicious and wonderful around the corner. This HOPE then translates into a feeling of JOY . . . a sense of deep wellness, happiness  . . this JOY then translates into OVERFLOWING LOVE  . . . An OVERFLOWING LOVE that easily gives out of its abundance in service to others.

That’s really what the fruit of the abiding Holy Spirit is all about.

Paul talks about this very progression in Romans 15:13 (NIV, emphasis mine):

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace

as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope

by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Piper then asks a couple of pointed questions: Would would happen, if believers truly understood how to maintain the day-to-day filling of the Holy Spirit in their lives?

Three Truths To Grasp:

1) First, we must understand and cling to the mystery, the profound truth of the gospel.

Christ came.  Died to completely obliterate our sins and restore us to God the Father. Rose in victory. Gives us the spiritual right, through His sacrifice, to defeat Satan once and for all, and to live with Him in eternity one day. WOW! We are winners, in every way!

2) We must realize we are living in the special age of the Holy Spirit.

Piper says history is roughly divided into three time frames. The first dispensation occurred in Old Testament time, when Jehovah God (the Father) was the Person of the Trinity recognized by the people. Then came the 33 years when Jesus lived upon the earth, visibly recognized and emphasized by believers living then. Now, after Jesus’ ascension into heaven and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, the Holy Spirit should receive attention for His special visitation. This does not, in any way, diminish our worship of God the Father or Jesus Christ. . we merely recognize the special job of this Person of God in this special time of history. . . we should especially seek the Holy Spirit, His presence, His workings.

3) Lastly, the key to the HOPE . . JOY . . . OVERFLOWING LOVE sequence is found, inasmuch as we personally choose to do it, by SATURATING OUR LIVES WITH SCRIPTURE.

The amount that we read, mediate, digest, absorb God’s message relates to the Holy Spirit’s strength in our lives . . . without God’s Word soaking our very souls, the filling of the Holy Spirit will not occur. This is  where sin is confronted . . . . through which our relationship with God is solidified. Through Scripture, the Holy Spirit inhabits our life, manifests His precious qualities, molds us to the child of God we should be.

How would we, the sleeping church, be transformed through the lens of the Holy Spirit’s daily anointing? Would we no longer be satisfied with our “safe” church gatherings? Would we storm the gates where our human brothers are held captive by Satan, bound by chains of lies and sin, reconciling a dying world back to God?

Would our Mondays look much more like our Fridays, with God receiving all the glory?

Would you pray with me? Lord, I choose hope today, Your hope! You’ve conquered Satan and sin—You’ve won! The certain ending to this story brings me joy, no matter what I am going through .  . and this will overflow into love for others You bring across my path . . . Through the power of the Holy Spirit and with the renewing of my mind through Your Word . . .  Help me to be this person, filled with Your Spirit, Lord . . . so others might be rescued to You. We ask in Jesus’ precious Name. To You be all the Glory!

Lookin’ up,


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