Two Faces of Social Networking

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I was one of those people. . .who said they’d never sign up for Facebook or Twitter. . .who said if I did, I wouldn’t get hooked and spend hours of time pouring over my friends’ entries. . .I was wrong.

I thought I would be the classic lurker, coming out only occasionally to say what I thought. By nature, I am normally kind of introverted and am not really sure if what I have to say is worthwhile.

But these sites have proven to me that I am more of a social creature than I thought.

So many of my “friends” are brothers and sisters in Christ, either from my present local body of believers or from past churches where we’ve served. Others are friends from the long past who now serve God where God’s placed them. It has been refreshing—no, a kick—to see where God has taken people, what God is doing through these folks. Their stories have built my faith to a higher level and made me grateful for our God who hears and answers us!

Not only that, but I have met new believers from around the globe. . I am not a world traveler or important person. . . yet I get to glimpse into the hearts of other believers, find out about their struggles and victories in the faith.

Yet, as with all things that humans create, social networking has its downsides, too. . .I hate to admit it, but I struggle at times with not so much the things that are written there, but the things that aren’t.

Like, What did she really “mean” by that?. . . Why doesn’t he ever comment on something I post?. . .  Lord, WHERE ARE ALL MY FRIENDS?!?

It’s enough to drive one over the edge & I think that’s just what the enemy would like. So, I step away from the paranoia and wrong thinking, for a while, while the Lord does some renewing of my heart and mind where it should be. . . .I want to be an encourager in Christ’s kingdom, not a detriment to it.

This year, I am establishing new boundaries. . .I will try (!) to limit myself to specific times of the day to the sites. . .at lunchtime while I’m taking a break anyway, I can read and eat at the same time. . .then in the evening for a quick look to see any updates, then I’ll shut it down to pursue other evening activities.

It’s easy to drive yourself crazy with this kind of stuff, though. . . Have you ever found yourself on both sides of the Facebook Fence? In a Twitter Tussle? Know you’re not alone. . . .

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