A Look Ahead

I love January!  As much as I enjoy the majesty of Christmas, I relish the solitude of the month that follows.  Compared to the bustle of December, January is a time when we can gather inside from the harshness of winter . . .it is a time made for quiet reflections. . . . and gentle nudges from the Holy Spirit.

My blog theme for the month of January will be “Beginnings.”  We’ll explore beginnings of all kinds:  fresh starts, new resolutions, bold steps of faith for God.

As always, I am open to your stories of faith.  If there is a story related to our theme lurking in your brain/heart, we’d love to hear from you. Your story of faith will build others’ faith; it’s an essential component to this Christian family life.

So. . .PLEASE email me your story (ahuffman01@frontier.com) or Inbox me on Facebook if you have something you’d love to share under the heading of  “Beginnings.” It may be your own tale. . .or that of another person. . . as you know, we ALL love a good story.

May our Father shower each of you abundantly with as Paul says, “all spiritual blessings” in 2012.

Lookin’ up,


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