A Little Nip and Tuck

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No, I am not having plastic surgery. But my blogsite will soon be undergoing the knife. . .

Although “From the Church House” has only been up and running since April of last year, I recently decided to take a major step. I’ve discovered a free WordPress.com site can only take you so far.  I was praying about what to do when the Lord brought an experienced blog designer across my path. Designer Jessica will be overhauling the site, using one of WordPress’s newer “Genesis” themes to include some extra features I want and change the overall look of the site.

She and I have discussed the changes. . .things like an “author box” at the end of each and every post that tell a little about me and tell how to easily subscribe to my blog by email. . . because I am Baptist/like to cook/like to eat, I’ll have a plug-in that will hopefully allow me to post new recipes easier. . .a bookshelf widget that will allow me to show you books in my personal reading stack. . .and finally, if and when I am published with books of my own, I will have a visual book display linked to a bookseller where you can buy my “stuff.”

Anyway, I’m excited about the changes in store and will keep you posted on our progress!

May your day be filled with God’s incredible blessings—our God is good, all the time.

Lookin’ up,


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  1. Kim Stewart says:

    That is really cool! Very exciting!

  2. Thanks, Kim. I’ve never had anything professionally “redecorated” before, so I am psyched about it. . .

  3. Carol Temple says:

    Sounds great Jean – looking forward to new and exciting things from you. I enjoy reading your blogs and look foward to your book!

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