A Gift of . . .Goodwill: “The Button Lady,” (Guest Blog by Connie Almony)

I first met fellow writer Connie Almony at the American Christian Fiction Writer’s conference in St. Louis this year. We were total strangers–for about a minute and a half. As we chatted on the shuttle from the airport to our hotel, we learned everything we needed to know about each other before hanging together the rest of the week.

Connie is a combination homeschool and public-school mom who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. She has a masters degree in counseling and has worked with adolescents and adults. She began writing off and on over a decade ago, but was inspired by her 10-year-old daughter (who writes chapter books in her spare time) to complete a full-length novel, starting a new leg in life’s journey. She has always enjoyed creative problem solving, but finds storytelling is even more fun–you get to devise the problem as well as the solution. You can follow her personal blog at:


The Button Lady

. . There are those people around me who bring new life to the drudgery of living. And those small things which can have a great impact.

First, on my list is the “Button Lady.” She is a checker at my local Giant whose uniform used to be adorned in decorative pins and buttons. Thus, the moniker. And though she no longer wears the “buttons,” her inner beauty, thank goodness, has not changed. What makes her so great? Well, I don’t know about you, but grocery shopping is not high on my list of things I love to do. I trudge to the store, after I order my list by aisles (which they keep mixing up on me—Argh!), pull out one of those carts (with the defective wheels that only goes left), fill it with food and junk that becomes increasingly unaffordable, and schlep into the line where some curmudgeon, who’s not happy to be in the middle of his or her eight-hour shift, grumbles questions about paper or plastic. Not so with the “Button Lady!” She not only greets me with a cheerful smile, she asks me about my life. Really! And you know what? She remembers what I said the next time I come in. Like she’s interested or somethin’.

Why’s that important? I don’t know, but at a store that has more and more self-checkout lines and opportunities to avoid human contact all together, I find myself drawn to her line. You know how you usually pan the check-out options and calculate the time each patron will take to get through so you can figure which line will go fastest? I don’t do that when “Button Lady” is on the job. I go right to hers. One time the manager opened a new line and offered for me to be first in it. I refused. Really! Just want to chat with the “Button Lady” thank you very much! Why? Because somehow when I leave, I feel more important in the world than I did when I came in. And that’s a good thing! It gives me that little glimpse of how my Creator sees me.

Thank you Button Lady … whose name I now know is really Jen.

(Thanks for your story, Connie! May we radiate Christ in this dark world. . like the Jen’s we bump into. . .wherever we go–)

Lookin’ up,


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  1. Thanks for having me on your blog today. During this season when we spend so much time at stores, it’s good to take a lesson from the button lady. Small, kind words can have a big affect. While you’re out in the hussle and bustle of the season, bless someone with a kind word.

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