Thankful For. . .My Church Family

This is a story of how the church should roll. .  whenever there is a tangible need, we should love on our brothers and sisters in Christ and seek to fulfill that need. All because Jesus has made a difference in our lives. To Him be the glory. . . .

Al and I were present at a church family member’s house re-dedication recently.

Becky Woods, who lost her husband Danny to pancreatic cancer a few months ago, also faced major water damage a few weeks later to a large portion of her home. A couple of church members felt impressed to take this project on themselves for Becky. They used the insurance money Becky was issued to oversee and carry out the remodel, which had now grown to a whole-house project, while Becky was allowed to stay in town with daughter Kristy and son-in-law Mark.

Several drastic changes took place: Drywall and flooring were replaced. Wallpaper came down and fresh paint went up. Bathrooms were updated, along with a lot of other little niceties put in their place. Oh, Becky got a new flat-screen TV, replacing the outdated, water-damaged one in the den.

It was a new home for Becky! When she arrived, my husband Al prayed a prayer of dedication. He prayed that God would give Becky a new beginning and that God would use her and her “new” home to bless others through her in Jesus’ name. As Becky walked through and touched each lovely thing, Becky marveled at how God had provided for her, again and again.

I was thankful to witness in person, God’s faithfulness displayed through His people. We are never more like our heavenly Father than when we are giving . . .and are transformed through Holy Spirit’s power to literally become His hands of love, His feet in shoe leather.

We humbly praise God from Whom all blessings flow. . . !

Lookin’ up,


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