So What’s Your Story?

We who count ourselves as believers have a special story to tell–one that is individual as we are, as countless as the snowflakes that cascade out of a winter sky.  Sometimes this personal account is called “a testimony.”  Whatever you call it, it’s a story with three definite parts:  1) how/when you came to realize Who Jesus is and what He’s done for you; 2)  how you asked Him for His forgiveness of all the bad you’d done;  and 3) how far He’s taken you from that beginning place.

Face it.  Your testimony–let’s just call it your “story”–is a precious bit of who you are as a child of God.  And I LOVE TO HEAR PEOPLE’S STORIES, don’t you?   Others’ stories build your personal faith in a limitless God like nothing else.  They remind us of how God can suddenly scoop us up into His grace.  Or of how He patiently over a long, long time works all things, good, bad, and especially the rotten things to HIS GOOD!   The Lord picks the who/when/where/why of our stories, and the details can be downright fascinating.

My husband Al has used this illustration, and I think it’s very apropos.  Think of yourself as God’s trophy–all shiny and bright.  Shouting to the world, “Hey, world, I belong to the Lord Jesus!   I’m valuable to Him.  He had to sacrifice an awful lot to get me–His very life!  I’m here to remind you of His ultimate victory–over sin, death, and the grave.  He is the undefeated Champion, and I’m so glad I belong to Him!”

You get the idea.  Okay, guest participation time!  I want you to send me your “story,” written in the three parts listed above, in 200 words or less.   If you can send me your story this way, I would like to post it in my blog in the future post.   If you can’t write your story in 200 words or less, I am pretty good at cutting the fat out of anyone’s prose (just ask my crit partners–LOL).

The Israelites were famous of their remembrances of what God had done for them.  Look how many verses in Scripture are devoted to that!  We as Christians ought to even more eager to proclaim our stories.  Be the trophy that God created you to be and be willing to share your story with others.  I guarantee it’ll bless you in the telling and bless the ones who read it.  Start now sending them to me, and I”ll post two or three at at time.  I may even let you readers take a guess at some of the more surprising ones!

May He receive all the glory and honor and praise!

Lookin’ up,


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