The Hummies are Back

Because I was inspired by a Facebook friend’s passion for all things bird and hummingbird, I decided last week to dig out my old hummingbird feeder.

I found it on a garage shelf, stored with packets of dried hummingbird nectar.  I mixed up a quart of what looks like red Kool-Aid in a pitcher.  Then I stuck it in my refrigerator and labeled it as such, so the guys in my life won’t try to pour it into a glass.

After the feeder’s various parts were washed and dried thoroughly, I took it to my go-to man: my husband Al.  We decided on a perfect location for the feeder—through my office window at the front of the house where it receives shade most of the day.  I recalled a mistake from my previous hummingbird experience where the feeder sat in the sun and fermented the nectar more quickly.  The present location, above some thick shrubbery, also gives the hummies some nearby shelter in which to rest and hide between feedings.

Al hung it from a bracket so it’s the perfect height for me to enjoy from where I work.  He also remembered to put a protective coating of Vaseline on the plastic bell strung just above the feeder, to deter any marauding ants.

Thrill of thrills—I saw my first hummingbird this morning, a male ruby-throated.  Illusive but determined, he takes a few sips, flits away, comes back.  It only took a day for him to discover the feeder.  I’m hoping he’ll invite the rest of his family and friends to the new watering hole as well.

I’ll keep you posted on what specific species I see.  Maybe I’ll even snap a few pictures of my own. (Thanks to Bob Ayers for the one above.)

Father, what a wonder Your creation is.  You tell us You know every bird, and that everything that moves in the field is Yours.  Each creature, each in its own way, proclaims You as God.  Thank You for the beauty and enjoyment You give through even the tiniest of them, like the energetic little hummingbird.

Lookin’ up,


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