Holy Pneuma – The Holy Spirit, An Introduction

I  have a friend at church, let’s call her L.A.  L.A. and I were talking about a pothole, an adversity, she’d hit recently in life.  In the middle of her description, I heard her say something like this:

Holy Pneuma was telling me to do it a certain way.  . .  So you know,  I did it the way Holy Pneuma said.  . . Because when Holy Pneuma tells you something, you have to listen. . . ”

You have to understand, L.A is a long-time follower of Jesus.  She was raised in a very different church background than I, and as a result, has some turns of phrase that sound a bit foreign to me.   She used the two-word combination sprinkled several times throughout our conversation, and it took me a couple of utterances to catch on to what she was actually saying.

She was speaking of Holy Pneuma, the Holy Spirit.  The Third Person of the Trinity, including God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son.  As most of you know, “pneuma” is actually part of the Greek root word for “wind” or “spirit.”

In the midst of my own “potholes” in the past couple of years, I’ve had to turn to God’s Word for some answers to hard questions.  I wanted to know why most of our churches (and this includes me, as part of the Christ’s body, the Church) were many times ineffective for Him.  Why, after all the sweat, and programs, and evangelism, and things that churches do to try to bring people into the Kingdom, was it not working?  Why are fewer and fewer people coming to Christ now than a generation ago, in this uber age of technology that should afford us endless inroads to people’s hearts with the gospel?

Looking for answers led me to begin, very slowly, a personal study of the Holy Spirit.  I had to know more about Him.  I wanted to understand His attributes, His special Works in the life of a believer.  I wanted to grasp the believer’s responsiblity in the ministry of the Spirit, to learn what was separating us so far from God’s ideal of going out in His power, as salt and light in a dying world.

I found as I continued that the Holy Spirit is the part of the Trinity about Whom we know the least.  He is the most neglected of the Three in study and in clear biblical teaching. His place is not nearly as clear in our hearts or minds as the Father God or Jesus.  So why the inequality?  He is equal in power and Personhood; yet Frances Chan calls Him “Forgotten God” in his excellent book.

What do you think?  Leave a comment below on why the Holy Spirit has gotten short shrift in our churches and understanding.  I’ll post reasons why in a future blog.

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Ps. 19:1

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  1. Ann Dobies says:

    The Holy Spirit is not said as many times as God or Son, but to me He is a part of the Trinity, which makes Him as real as God and the Son. But, I have no answer as to why there is an inequality. The best definition that I have found for the Holy Spirit is as follows:

    “The Holy Spirit is the bridge to God within you. It is the part of your mind—the part of your Spirit—that is joined with the Mind of God. The Holy Spirit is the Voice for God and acts as a reminder to all of God’s children of the unconditional love that God has for them.” http://www.thevoiceforlove.com/holy-spirit.html

  2. Ann, He is the Person of God Who is the bridge of God’s presence to us and the Executor of God’s will on earth in the present. Thanks for your comment and reading!

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